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I'm Linda Ananda Taylor and it's so cool that you found my website. 

I have taken my stand as Awareness!
Celebrating the Tantric (non-dual) vibration of pure, embodied freedom that has evolved organically over twenty plus years of transformational practices, studies and experiences, seeming detours and mistakes, culminating in a pure, authentic and totally natural way of existence as Totality Itself.
  (((( OM )))) 
Welcoming naturally transforms into pure Celebration, the only purpose in Life to realize! 
  There is no way that you cannot be what you already are! ॐ

There is no way that you cannot be what you already are! ॐ

I am sending out a powerful beacon of light to those people who are longing for real peace, happiness and fulfillment in their lives and are ready to make a commitment to themselves to truly realize that all that you need is the openness and genuine urge for freedom for this to be made available to you, as grace is already compelling you to seek for this. 

Heart and Body Hatha-Tantra Yoga Practice ♥

We come to our mats with no ideas or attachments to anything, without a need to do anything, to be any certain way, only meeting each breath with this inner openness, absolute neutrality and non-judgment; to simply be with whatever is present as we explore the natural link between breath and movement while honoring our bodies and experience as felt moment to moment. Emphasizing self-love and the deep intuition that we all have; that real happiness is not attainable in objects or in anything outside of ourselves, but already here and now, available to us at all times as our real nature.

We are free to remember ourselves again as pure, whole and complete Being; a welcoming and peaceful Presence for ourselves and others. 

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Here's to Total Transformation, Constant Celebration, Absolute Happiness, Limitless Peace and Unconditional Love!!


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                                                            You are the Reality that perceives and Knows.  

                                                         You are the Reality that perceives and Knows.