A Warm Welcome Home! ॐ

Founded by Linda "Ananda" Taylor, Live as Awareness - Fierce Love is the new vibration of pure, embodied freedom that has evolved organically over twenty plus years of transformational practices, studies and experiences, detours and mistakes, culminating in a pure, authentic and totally natural way of existence.  OM
There is no way that you cannot be what you already are! ॐ

There is no way that you cannot be what you already are! ॐ

I am sending out a powerful beacon of light to those people who are longing for real peace, happiness and fulfillment in their lives and are ready to make a commitment to themselves to truly realize that all that you need is the openness and genuine urge for freedom for this to be made available to you, as grace is already compelling you to seek for this. 

Awareness Coaching with Linda Ananda:

If you are ready to transform and change ~ as well as ushering in a more loving, open and welcoming approach to your life, I would love to hear from you! Once you know you are ready for a real shift in your approach, attitude and awareness about yourself, YOU KNOW! Don't hesitate - book your first session now and begin to really live from your authentic heart-centered truth. Schedule now for an Awareness Coaching session with Linda. Click on the Announcement Bar above to get started!

Heart and Body (or 420 Yoga) Hatha Yoga Practice ♥ We come to our mats with no ideas or attachments to anything, without a need to do anything, to be any certain way, only meeting each breath with this inner openness, absolute neutrality and non-judgment; to simply be with whatever is present as we explore the natural link between breath and movement while honoring our bodies and experience as felt moment to moment. Emphasizing self-love and the deep intuition that we all have; that real happiness is not attainable in objects or in anything outside of ourselves, but already here and now, available to us at all times as our real nature. We are free to remember ourselves again as pure, whole and complete Being; a welcoming and peaceful presence for ourselves and others.

This is an all inclusive experience, and is always "come as you are" without any pretense or agenda. Honoring the natural openness and the welcoming  of the totality of your experiences, without the personal conditionings will ultimately be effortlessly realized as your own beautifully peaceful and transparent true nature, not another spiritual experience or state of the mind.

As one fully understands, immerses and gradually and truly effortlessly embodies the impersonal universal Awareness through this earnest, heart based openness, one ultimately surrenders the personal and fully embodies the Whole. Nowadays, my own Yoga practice is truly a continuous Celebration of Life through each breath, the sheer miracle of movement experienced with this incredible gift of a human body and a deep, constant and profound meditation with the Totality. Life as Life, Life as Awareness, Living as Awareness.



I do teach locally at GGIW YOGA and the GGIW Saturday page here describes the all-level HATHA YOGA class I teach currently to give you the best information about what to expect at the class! I am also now teaching at San Pedro's own Casa Ayurveda & Yoga and the GENTLE HATHA page is a great description of that class and the days and times I am teaching. 

In addition, there is also a VERY handy SCHEDULE page I created that lists anything I have going on for each month! Please check it out so you don't miss anything and can see everything all at once.

I also created an EVENTS page for anything SPECIAL!!! that may be going in on the near future. Please check back often as new Events, Content and Pages are added. 

Please click on the the links below for more information on my current weekly Yoga offerings at GGIW Yoga in Lomita and Casa Ayurveda & Yoga in San Pedro!

TUESDAYS: Gentle Hatha (all levels) at 11:00 am (Casa Veda)

FRIDAYS: Gentle Hatha (all levels) at 11:00 am (Casa Veda)

SATURDAYS: Morning Hatha Yoga (all levels) at 9:00 am (GGIW)

Interested in Reiki Energy treatment sessions with Linda? Please click on the link! I also teach all Reiki levels to interested people, both in person and remotely. Click either of these links for more info: REIKI TRAINING or REIKI DISTANCE TRAINING BY DONATION!

Please use my CONTACT page to reach out anytime. If you are more than ready, please click on this link to go straight to my PRIVATE sessions page and get started right now!
Here's to Total Transformation, Constant Celebration, Absolute Happiness, Limitless Peace and Fierce Love!!

Namaste Dear Friends! ॐ Please check back often and feel free to contact Linda with any questions, comments or feedback! 

You are the Reaility that perceives and Knows.  Live as Awareness & Fierce Love. 

You are the Reaility that perceives and Knows.  Live as Awareness & Fierce Love.