Linda Ananda



"There is no way that you cannot be what you already are" 

ॐ Linda is always pointing to the openness of Being whether teaching Yoga, Meditation or Reiki with the only goals for her sharing being an opening for all to experience even more happiness, joy and freedom in their lives. As authenticity and transparency are at the heart of her teaching, her own openness allows you to also fully relax and surrender to whatever is present without resistance or judgment. 

Teaching Yoga since March 2015 (RYT-200), Meditation since 2003 and Reiki since 2002, Linda has a deep love for teaching and sharing from her own experience and not relying on anything else!  She teaches the following Yoga styles: Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Gentle and Beginner and loves working with people brand new to yoga as well as the experienced yogis. 

As a San Pedro resident since Feb. 2012, Linda worked tirelessly to serve the community she lived in until April of 2018 when she re-located temporarily to Rancho Cucamonga, CA and then to her permanent new home in Mira Loma CA in May 2018, where she is now taking new clients.

Linda continues to offer Meditation sessions and private instruction, as well as Awareness Coaching for her new community in the Inland Empire!  



There is only this endless gratitude, happiness and peace within us all.    

I am at your service in love and light and a total celebration of your Being.

Surrender your existence to Existence.