Private Transformational  Hatha Sessions



ॐ Namaste! For most of the people I have met with throughout the years, working with a teacher in a one-on-one setting is the best way to achieve the goals and intentions they have in beginning any sort of new spiritual or physical practice.

For true Transformation to take place, it is all about your real interest and consistency in your practice as well as the availability of a real teacher who can answer your questions and guide you because they have already walked this road before you, as well as helping others transform their own lives. 

If you are completely new to Yoga, and are interested in a deep exploration of all that a yoga practice entails, it may well be of great benefit to you to seek out a private teacher so you can learn the basics and much more in a safe and private setting, so that when you are ready, you then can find suitable local classes to attend or to create your own home practice; ideally a blend of both!

As a yogi wanting to renew a practice, you can receive very specific and personalized sessions to assist you exactly where you need it, at your own pace and receiving all the attention from your teacher, which can make a huge difference! 

And if you are looking for Transformational sessions that could combine Yoga and Energy-work or CBD or 420 Meditation and (maybe) Reiki Training or simply a thorough study of Yoga, maybe including Non-Dual (Tantra) Teachings, it is for you that my light shines the brightest.

   Private class in Lomita CA in 2017 enjoying Savasana : ))

Private class in Lomita CA in 2017 enjoying Savasana : ))

Please keep in mind that a deeper immersion into all the fascinating and beneficial facets of what YOGA has to offer, is something that is usually not readily available in most group settings or regular public classes, as there are many reasons for people to want to do Yoga, and some are not always translatable to a public class. 

Pranayama (Breathwork) and basic Meditation techniques will be introduced at the right pace and timing for YOU and will create the right and perfect home practice that is exactly what you want according to your living situation, time, unique life circumstances, etc. It may be that your interest is mostly in meditation and that's where we will put our emphasis.

We may or (may not) also want to add in or enhance any Yoga or Meditation Session with CBD oil or CBD rich cannabis. 

CBD Oil or CBD rich Cannabis is wonderful for Yoga and/or Meditation. CBD enhances and does not impair your function-ability yet is so relaxing to the nervous system and calms both mind and body in such an open and inviting way, encouraging that beautiful dive inward that brings us into our own Presence. All you have to do is ask.

You may also want a ONE TIME Hatha Yoga (or 420 / CBD) session for yourself and/or maybe others in a group you host or a special event you are planning where you would like to have a more specific Yoga class taught by me, which is something I love to facilitate! If you are planning a special event or a trip to the Inland Empire area and would like to set up an 1 hour - 2 hour or more class or session(s), I would love to facilitate that for you, creating a perfect class and/or session tailored to your unique specification and personalized needs. 


Standard private session lengths are 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 75 minutes. Other session lengths can be worked out as needed - see below. Rates are good for up to 20 miles from Mira Loma (Jurupa Valley) 91752.

Any locations farther way than 20 miles from me (91752), please contact me for pricing and availability depending on the distance. 


15% - 20% -25% Discounts are also available with the purchase of 3, 5 or 10 session packages.

[1] 45 minute Session = $40.00        |     [1] 1 hour Session = $55.00

[1] 1.25 hour Session = $70.00         |     [1] 1.50 hour session = $85.00

[1[ 1.75 hour Session = $100.00       |     [1] 2 hour Session = $115.00

Scheduling sessions with me is as flexible as you need it to be, as you can just text me if we have connected previously! And timing can be changed once established depending on your circumstances as we work together, if you try and make sure to give at least 24 hour notice regarding a cancellation or change that we need to make, but if you happen to have to cancel the day of your scheduled appointment, I will only charge you 50% of the regular fee and not the entire rate.

Life happens and I am also open and flexible as possible to any changes that you need to make in your schedule.

Whether you want to connect for a session once or twice a week , every other week or once a month is totally up to you and always depends on what YOU want to accomplish together! 

If you would like to email an inquiry before booking your session, please let me know where you are located and any questions you have, and please note your experience with any kind of spirituality (only if that is important to you) and with yoga in general with your questions - or anything of note that you might like to share with me - always in complete confidence. Email to: and I will respond to you as soon as possible. 


   I am at your service in love and truth for a total celebration of your Being.

I am at your service in love and truth for a total celebration of your Being.