I have been an Usui Reiki Master Teacher since 12/12/2000 and since that huge cosmic event was experienced, a wonderful, life-altering, powerful transformational process began in my life that has never ended.

I started offering hands-on healing in mid 2001 when I was still living in the state of New Jersey, before I came back to my native California. Many people around the world knew me by the name Isisjade (and then later Astara), which I also used as a Priestess, as I was also training and working with people to be Priest/Priestesses at the time, in the years from 2001-2006 or so. In that span of time, I had also been attuned and was actively working with many other energy healing modalities in addition to Usui Reiki, such as:

Seichim, Karuna Ki; Kundalini Reiki; EFT; Isis Seichim, Isis Reiki, Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing, Aurora Reiki, Blue Star Celestial Energy, Ethereal Crystals, Universal White Time, Egyptian Cartouche, Ra Sheeba, Dolphin Reiki, and several other energy healing systems which names actually escape me at the moment ♥ My understanding is that so much has flowed and merged into a single Force of energy from all of these attunements. The healings I can offer to you are very strong, and multi-dimensional. I work with my clients and students BOTH locally and by distance, so anyone in the world can experience this blessing for always extremely affordable prices for any healing session you want! 

Crystal Healing: I am happy to offer crystal healing sessions to anyone local! I also can offer Ethereal Crystals added to ANY remote healing session. JUST ASK!! ♥

Animal Healing: I have been working in this specific area since I began healing in 2000. My love of all animals is huge and I love offering healing services at reduced rates (10% off my regular rates!) for our most cherished four-legged, winged and scaled friends.  

Welcome to my Healing Sanctuary, ready for YOU! 

Sometimes an energetic healing session is exactly what you need for an energetic/emotional/spiritual tune-up and I am grateful to be of service for your highest and greatest good

Reiki Treatment Fees: Local Hands-On Rates:

(Minimum) 45 minute session = $40.00 and then rated at $15.00 per 15 minutes of additional healing, so 60 minutes is $55. and 75 minutes is $70.

If you would prefer I travel to you for the Reiki treatment, the rates a little higher: (Minimum) 45 minute session = $50.00 and then rated at $15.00 per 15 minutes of additional healing, so 60 minutes is $65. and 75 minutes is $80.

  • You can easily schedule any available appointment RIGHT NOW by clicking the Announcement Bar above for my handy-dandy Scheduler! ( ( ( ♥ ) ) ) 

I usually prefer to travel to my local clients, so YOU can fully experience the total relaxation that is a normal experience for most any energy healing session! But I have recently acquired a wonderful Reiki table and as it is too bulky and heavy to transport, I am also now seeing more people in my own apartment sanctuary and welcome you to come to me as well. 

I also offer PACKAGE deals if you want to schedule (3) or more sessions up front/ 1 hour minimum. My rate is then only $50/hour for YOU so please contact me if you know you want three or more sessions! I will hook you up! ♥

NOTE: Optional Crystal Healing with Reiki sessions above is an additional $10. Just click on the ADD-ON option when you schedule your healing session!

Reiki Treatment Fees: Remote (Distance) Healing:

(15 minute Minimum) Rated at $1.00 per minute in 15 minute increments per session: (for people and animals!)

15 minutes $15 - 30 minutes $30 - 45 minutes $45 - 60 minutes $60 - 75 minutes $75 - 90 minutes $90

The best way to pay is cash when we meet after we have already made the arrangements for any local, hands-on healing for people and animals. But you can also quickly and easily use PayPal to pay for these sessions and are able to do so at any time without even speaking to me! Go to the SEND MONEY link at PayPal and use my email address: thelightsong@gmail.com ~ and just leave me a note in the comment section about what times are good for you to receive healing, or how to get in contact with you about the session, etc.

I will want to try and coordinate our healing session in real time if possible if this is a distance healing! Pay the cost for the time you want the session to last and I will be in touch right away to work out the details with you, whether it is local or by distance. 

Please also feel free to email me anytime @liveasawareness@gmail.com 

Namaste ♥ Thank you.

Reiki Blessings to All Beings.

ॐ शान्ति: शान्ति: शान्ति