Who are you?

Have you ever really inquired into the answer, beyond your conditioned assumptions and beliefs? I invite you to discover for yourself, that you are in fact, not at all what you take yourself to be, and only need to be pointed in the right direction to see this and to enjoy life as happiness, peace and freedom.

Chances are, if you are reading this right now and resonating with it, you are already ripe!




Life is a seamless Unity; a pure harmony. There are no divisions, no boundaries, no separation, no judgment, no resistance—only Wholeness. It is naturally and effortlessly what we are - the Totality of Existence.

My conclusion is this: Life is for Celebrating, not suffering! Have you been suffering more than celebrating? Read on! 

You are the Awareness that Sees and Knows and IS the truth of all experience.

When you allow the story of "you" to drop away, even for a moment, you know yourself as you are: limitless, timeless, story-less.

Pure experiencing is what you Are!

Linda Ananda Taylor, Celebrating Everyday, is the Pure Inclusive Love of Presence, our true nature; Living AS Awareness, and fiercely unconditionally loving all in the face of seeming adversity or in the face of a world that seems to appear as separate from you - for now. 

This Perfect Love of Presence is truly fearless; not from being reckless, but from the Knowing of this entire existence / dance / appearance as Oneself, the Absolute in form, all forms, ANY form - Totality which embraces and is at the same time also EVERYTHING.

It is an endless and continuous and resounding YES to TOTALITY. 

Welcoming is the experience of Being in the Openness of an awakened Heart.

It has stopped seeking and grasping and looking always for something other than; and has instead turned inward TOWARD the Presence that is actually LOOKING. 

So, right now, instead of continuing to do the same outward LOOKING FOR something, look to where the experience of LOOKING is coming FROM. 

KA BOOM! The direct experience of Consciousness knowing Itself ♥

This is immediate Recognition. How could it not be?

It is what you Are!

Live AS the Awareness You Are! 

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   You are the Universal Heart...  the Knowing of Being.  Open to your infinite Truth & Beauty! 

You are the Universal Heart...  the Knowing of Being.  Open to your infinite Truth & Beauty! 

Throw away your concepts. Just drop any words. Let the Magnificence of Being simply engulf and swallow everything! Celebration is natural and effortless! 
~ Linda Ananda Taylor