Big Bear Lake, CA 11/25/18 Photo by Linda Ananda

Awareness "Exercise"

Close your eyes. Feel your attention turn inwards, toward awareness and focus on awareness. Continue to focus on awareness in a relaxed and effortless way for a few minutes. When thoughts are noticed, simply turn away from them and back to awareness itself; the awareness of a thought, not the content of the thought.

Open your eyes and look at the room you are in. Notice that it is awareness itself looking out from the eyes. Shut your eyes again. Notice again that same awareness that was looking out through the eyes a moment ago, and again effortlessly turn awareness back towards itself, and be aware of awareness being aware of itself.

Open your eyes again. Look again at your surroundings. You are the seer. Awareness is that which sees. Shut your eyes again. See the seer. Stay with that. Continue to remain focused on awareness itself, being aware of a thought or a feeling, not the content of feeling or thought. Remain here.

Awareness being aware of awareness. Aware of being aware. Being aware of being aware. Not the content – the awareness itself, the only true experience that is ever happening to you, awareness. See that there is only ever ONE awareness, aware of Itself and not another separate awareness.

Stay here effortlessly as Awareness, your true nature. 

**Nothing that can ever be written is Truth but pointers are used until they can be discarded. This "Awareness Exercise" is a simple pointer to that which is unspeakable and can be used to inquire deeply into what your experience is really made of.

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There is no way that you cannot be what you already are. ॐ

There is no way that you cannot be what you already are. ॐ