ॐ Create Your Own Transformational Session(s) with a Combination of Powerful Options! 

ॐ Create Your Own Transformational Session(s) with a Combination of Powerful Options! 

Powerful Possibilities Transformational Sessions with Linda

Are you suffering from or feeling the negative effects of any of the following: Anxiety or Depression? Feelings of dis-empowerment or unworthiness, including the feelings of "personal" suffering due to attachment to your "story" and resistance to what is actually happening in Life

Or are you looking to expand where you are at right now? Maybe you are actively looking for a way to do that, which incorporates and integrates several different modalities to blend just the perfect alchemy for YOU and your own powerful Transformation in 2018! 

These Sessions are Designed for You to Open to Your Whole and Full-Filled Self, and Live Your Life to the Fullest Everyday!

These (Powerful Possibilities) PP Transformational Sessions will utilize most or some of the following high frequency vibrational ingredients:

  • Conscious Conversation
  • Hemp (CBD) Oil and/or CBD Rich Cannabis Medicine
  • Crystal Healing
  • Energy-Work (Reiki, etc.)
  • Angelic Healing
  • Gentle Yoga Asanas (Postures)
  • Breathwork
  • Awareness Meditation - Being Presence

Session lengths will be 1.50 hours or 2 hours to fully immerse and deeply experience each session, bringing maximum benefits and a beautiful sense of well-being, as well as basking longer in the higher vibrational energies and support present and available for YOU during these intensive, self-exploratory sessions with Linda, who lovingly holds the space for your own powerful healing to take place on all levels, each one assisting the next.

Cost: 1.5 hour PP Transformational Sessions are $100 and 2 hour sessions are $135.00. Sessions can be at your home or in my own healing space in San Pedro CA.

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Weeknights are available from 6-9 pm (except Thursday evenings) and weekends are open after 12:00 pm to 6pm.

Let's talk about what is going on with YOU and uncover all that effortless Peace and Happiness that is Absolutely already there within each and every one!