I am grateful and truly delighted to be offering USUI REIKI TRAINING for ANYONE in the WORLD!!

While I am so loving the connection of teaching locally, it still is possible to take each level by distance, so this offer is also available to YOU who do not live in Southern California, or in the United States, or anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere!

We can work together by email and distance attunements! I learned SO much of my energy healing systems through distance training and attunements with so many wonderful teachers all over the world, and I can attest and guarantee its strength and awesomeness to you, personally and by my own direct experience.

Please click HERE if you are interested in DISTANCE Training by DONATION! 

If you ARE in the Los Angeles, Orange County or South Bay areas in Southern California, then I can teach any Reiki level to you privately (at your home or mine) or your small group (contact me for special group rates and discounts!) and if you are not looking to travel here for training, which is perfectly FINE! we will work via distance training and attunements. I will mail you a real certificate too, when you work with me via distance ♥ 

I have been honored and grateful to have been teaching Usui Reiki since 2002, and all of the healing modalities I have been attuned to since 2002, I worked with for 3 months to a year depending on the modality and then offered that system to the world when it was time. At one point in 2006, my website, which was called, ONEHEARTLOVE, had almost 40 different healing systems and modalities available to anyone in the world.

If you are local and wanting to know more about what the first degree training would be like, Usui Reiki I level training is taught in a 4 hour block, at my apartment if you want to travel to me, or I can also come to you for the training for only a small extra fee for driving expenses, etc.depending where you are. I prefer the weekend days and after 11 am is best for my schedule. We spend most of the time with the excellent manual I have put together. We spend some time once we get to the hands-on portions of our training with the hand positionings for Reiki - both for self healing and hands-on for other people. You will receive a powerful attunement that will open you up as a clear and pure channel for Reiki to flow from that moment on. You will be presented with your certificate and if you are at my home, settle down a bit before you drive home. Break times for some snacks and bathroom, of course are always included! 

REIKI LEVEL I TRAINING COST: $150.00 (my home) and $160.00 in your home if you are in a 35 mile radius. Over 35 miles, please contact me and we will work out arrangements and rates based on your location, etc. 

If you have a group (3 people or more), the rates are discounted! Please contact me for SPECIAL rates for any groups over 3 people ♥ This is applicable for ANY level of Reiki Training : ))

Once you have been attuned to Reiki I, and if you are being called to go on, Reiki Level II is a big and powerful raise in your frequency and strength as a healer. It is a wonderful training to take if that is what your heart tells you to do. A usual time to wait between levels is about 1-3 months. Some people feel themselves to be on what I call a "fast-track" and there is just a feeling that is there and they may decide to proceed to the next level sooner. Some people will wait a year or more. It is a very unique experience for everyone. The class is similar in structure to the description of Level I above, but about an additional hour longer, as we will now be learning the Reiki healing Symbols and how to send distance healing to anyone, anywhere. You will receive your Reiki Second Degree attunement and Certification of your new Reiki Level II status! 

REIKI LEVEL II TRAINING COST: $250.00 (my home) and $265.00 in your home if you are in a 35 mile radius. Over 35 miles, please contact me so we can work out the details and rates for wherever you would like me to come.

Reiki Level III is the Master/Teacher Level and not everyone feels to take this third level; again it is a very personal knowing in your heart of what is right, just for you. It is very strong in energy and in opening up the healer in big ways. It allows you now to teach Reiki yourself and to open up and attune others. It is a wonderful and big step and responsibility. It is also wonderful and amazing. We will usually block out a whole weekend together for REIKI III MASTER TEACHER TRAINING. Approximately 5-6 hours for both days to go through all the material and work with many new things as a healer and as a new teacher of Reiki. You will receive your Master attunements and your Reiki Master Teacher Certification. 

REIKI LEVEL III MASTER TEACHER TRAINING COST: $375.00 (my home) and $395.00 in your home if you are in a 35 mile radius. Over 35 miles, please contact me to work out the details, rates, etc.

Please also feel free to contact me for more info ♥